Partner agreement

MostPartner Affiliate Program Rules

1. Starting to work with the MostPartner Affiliate Program (hereinafter referred to as the ""Company""), a person (an individual or juridical) who has opened a partner account (hereinafter referred to as the ""Partner"") is obliged to read and accept these terms of the Affiliate Program.
2. Participating in the Affiliate Program, the Partner agrees that these terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program can be changed without prior notification of the Partner.
3. The Partner, accepting the terms of the Company, thereby confirms that he/she is 18 or more years old.
4. Partner bears full responsibility for the safety of personal confidential data used for entering the Company's system (login and password). The Company is not responsible for the loss of personal confidential data by the Partner.
5. The Company reserves the right to refuse in cooperation with any Partner without explaining the reasons.
6. The Company reserves the right to amend the Rules of the Affiliate Program. The rules published on the Program website are considered valid at the moment. There is no chronology of changes in the rules of the Affiliate Program.
7. The company provides graphic materials. Partners are allowed to use the information available on the site.
8. Subject to the terms of this affiliate program, it is prohibited to register as a sub-partner if you already have an active partner account OR if you are the supervisor of a partner account owned by an individual or juridical person that you manage or have access to. It is prohibited for Participants of the Affiliate Program to have two or more partner accounts in the Company. If there is a need to operate two or more accounts in the affiliate program, the partner must notify the support service and provide objective justifications for such a need.
9. The company reserves the right to request from the Partner the sources of traffic on which the Partner advertises projects that cooperate with the affiliate program. If the Partner refuses to provide these sources, the Company reserves the right to stop cooperation with the Partner.
10. The Company reserves the right to block payments to the Partner if the Affiliate Program administration has reason to believe that the Partner has violated the rules of working with the Affiliate Program. Payments can be blocked for any period of time until the circumstances are clarified. Based on the results of the investigation, if violations of the terms of cooperation are detected, the Company reserves the right to block the partner's account without prior notice.
11. In case of systematic use of obscene language or insults towards the support service personnel in requests, the Company reserves the right to indefinitely deny the partner any further online support or terminate cooperation with the subsequent blocking of the account and resetting the partner balance.
12. Correspondence and personal communication with the administration, partner manager or support service of the Affiliate Program is considered to be classified information. Participants of the affiliate program are prohibited from providing and communicating to the public, public display, providing third parties with the opportunity to view / listen to classified information (or its fragments). In case of violation of this rule, the Company reserves the right to stop cooperation with the subsequent blocking of the account and resetting the partner balance.
13. For violation of the current terms and conditions of cooperation, the Company reserves the right to close the Partner's personal account in the MostPartner system without further payment of money means and explanation of the reasons for blocking.

Registration payment of a player who made the first deposit (СРА)

If a partner is interested in working with MostPartner on the CPA model, he/she must contact the support service of the partner program to connect to this program. Otherwise, the CPA commission will not be charged. The terms of the CPA program are negotiated and set directly by the dedicated account manager of the partner.
When forming a rate according to the CPA model, the financial indicators of the attracted players are taken into account, as well as their activity over a long period of time.
A change in any of these indicators may entail a change in the size of the rate, as well as a change in the time and size of the hold, including its complete write-off.
Methods for analyzing indicators and their detailed composition are part of the anti-fraud system and cannot be disclosed to third parties.

Commission structure of the Affiliate Program

The Partner's earnings are formed at the expense of a share of the Bookmaker's net income from the players listed by this Partner. The percentage of income does not depend on the Partner's turnover and amounts to 30% of the Bookmaker's net income, with the exception of chargebacks, commissions and bonus points. Interest rates are subject to change without prior notice. You can always view the current percentages in your account.

Procedure and terms of settlements with Partners

To get paid, you need to have at least 10 active players for the entire period of working in the affiliate program. The number of active players can be calculated in the Player Statistics by selecting the statistic for the entire time period. An active player is a user who has made at least one bet on a deposit. All the accumulated funds on your balance will be transferred to you during the next payment after you get 10 active players on your account.
The minimum amount for paying partner income is $ 50.
The reporting period established by the MostPartner Affiliate Program is one month. Payments are made every month, if there is a positive balance on the partner's account. Payments are made every first day of the month. To make a payment, you must correctly fill in the payment information in the program.
The Company has the ability to make early payments of partner awards. To receive an early payment, you must contact the affiliate manager or affiliate support service.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

In the event of a disputable situation, the Company is always ready to consider the arguments presented by the Partner and to approach the solution of the current problem as impartially and honestly as possible from the point of view of both parties. You must state your reasons and specific facts in the letter sent to the support service address. The processing of complaint period is 14 days. The decision made by the Affiliate Program is final and not subject to revision. Letters containing defamation, false accusations and profanity will be removed without consideration.


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