Privacy policy

  • When registering at, the Client provides certain personal data, including information necessary to prevent money laundering.
  • The client undertakes to provide correct, accurate and updated personal data, and must not impersonate another individual or juridical person. In the event of data changing, the Client is obliged to notify the Company immediately or within 30 days after such a change.
  • The information about the Client, which was or will be provided by the Client while on, can be used by the Company to send advertising messages to the Client, until the Client wants to unsubscribe from the mailing. You can unsubscribe when you receive promotional content. Among other things, the Client may at any time send the Company a request by email to with a request to stop sending such advertising content. Cancellation and / or an e-mail message oblige the company to stop sending advertising content to the Client within seven business days.
  • The Client's banking details that were and / or will be provided by the Client in the course of his / her actions on the Site may be disclosed by the Company to state authorities. The Company will only disclose such information if required from the Company by applicable law, regulation or court order to the necessary extent.
  • Client information that does not have the status of private information can be used in advertising materials.
  • Based on the preliminary conditions for conducting Transactions on the Site, the Company has the right to require the Client to provide certain certification or other documents. If the Client does not submit such documents to the Company, then the Company, at its sole discretion, may freeze the Client's Account for any period of time, or permanently close the Account. Without limiting the provisions of the Privacy Policy, the Company may, at its sole discretion, refuse to open an Account to any individual or legal entity with or without specifying a reason.
  • If a person is registered at on behalf of a corporation or other business entity, such registration is considered a registration of a representative of the corporation or organization under which that person is authorized to represent that corporation or organization as a Client.
  • The Company has the right to disclose private information about its current or former Clients only if the Client gives written consent to such disclosure, or such disclosure is required by applicable law or to confirm the identity of the Client. The Client's information is transferred only to those employees of the Company that is in charge of the Client Accounts. Any such information must be stored on electronic or other media in accordance with the requirements of applicable law.
  • The Client confirms and agrees that all or part of the information on the Client's Account and Operations is stored in the Company and can be used by the Company in the event of a dispute between the Client and the Company.
  • The Company, at its sole discretion, may, but is not obligated to, review and verify any information provided by the Client, for any purpose. The Client hereby accepts and agrees that the Company is not liable to the Client in connection with the above mentioned viewing or verification of information.
  • The Company is obliged to take measures to implement improved data protection procedures and to periodically update them in order to protect private information about Clients and their Accounts.
  • When registering on The Client selects the username and password used by the Client at each login to the Site, as well as for conducting Operations and using the Company's Services. To preserve the confidentiality of the Client's information on The Client is strictly prohibited from disclosing the registration data to other persons or commercial organizations, including, but not limited to, the username and password. The Company is not responsible for any damage or loss caused to the Client due to improper use (including prohibited and unprotected use) or storage of its username and password, including any such use by third parties authorized or not authorized by the Client.
  • The client is solely responsible for using under his/her name and password. The Company is not responsible for any such use, including checking exactly what actions the Client performs with his Account.
  • The Client is obliged to immediately notify the Company's customer support service about any suspicion of unauthorized use of the Account.
  • Definition of "Cookies":
    A "cookie" is a small set of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to the web browser of the Client's computer or mobile phone (hereinafter referred to as the "device") from the computers of the website and stored on the harddrive of the Client's computer. Each website can send its own cookie to the Client's web browser, if allowed by its settings, however (for privacy reasons) the Client's web browser allows the website to access only those cookies that it already has sent to the Client's computer, and not the cookies that were sent by other sites. Many websites use cookies every time a user visits them in order to track online traffic. By changing the settings and properties of the browser, the Clients can set such a configuration of their web browser that will block the access of "cookies" to their computers. Our Cookie Policy: When visiting the website, the viewed pages and cookies are downloaded to the harddrive of the Client's device. Cookies stored on the harddrive can be used for anonymous identification in the event of a second visit of the Client to the website and to determine the most popular pages of the website among our Clients. However, for confidentiality and security purposes, the Company does not store personal data of Clients, including full name, personal information, email addresses, etc. The use of cookies is common. Most major websites today use this technology. Cookies stored on the harddrive of the Client's device allow to create the most convenient and efficient website for the Company's Clients, allowing us to find out the preferences of our Clients.


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